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Tapestries and Rugs

Design your own and have it made the way you like it!

There are a number of designs listed in this price list but our weavers are also able to produce custom made floor rugs, wall hangings and other woven items in accordance with your own unique designs.

All designs listed on the website and our pricelist can be ordered at your specific dimensions.

If you are interested in getting a customised weaving produced you will need to:

  1. Send us your artwork by email indicating whether you are looking for a floor rug or wall hanging and outline the desired dimensions. We will consult our weavers and revert back to you with any technical questions which may arise.
  2. If the weavers are confident that they can produce your customised design you will need to either:
  • Send us computer generated artwork printed on heavy duty paper at the exact dimensions you require


  • Send us computer generated artwork by email and we can, at an extra charge, ask our graphic designer to print the artwork at the exact dimensions you require


  • Send us a photograph, drawing or other artwork from which, at an extra charge, we will ask our graphic designer to create an appropriate computer design and print out at the exact dimensions you require.


Please note that colours are often distorted in photography and emails so it is essential that you send original colour samples if you require an exact colour match.

Designers may provide their own raw materials and we will be able to advise you in relation to quantities and suitability for your design.


We understand that you might like a product but sometimes prefer your own fabric, for all custom designs:

Please communicate with us here